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landscapingLandscaping adds value and function to your home. It is a great return on your investment and can make the difference between someone stopping to look at your home (curb appeal) on the inside or driving on past when it comes time to sell your home. Landscape design is the key.

The key to the proper installation of your landscaping is to start with a quality landscape design. This can be accomplished as described in our landscape design section. Once you’ve decided on your new landscape you need to be sure you receive quality materials installed in the correct manor. The proper installation can be the difference between a quality planting and a failed planting or a plant in stress due to improper installation.  The proper installation guidelines as laid out by leading industry institutes such as PLANET or OLA should be followed by qualified technicians.

The correct variety or cultivar of a particular plant can also be as important as insuring that the plant is zoned for your climate. Spacing and future growth habit is key to your landscaping developing and improving with age and maturity.

Most people request a “NO MAINTENANCE” landscape. Unfortunately no landscape is truly maintenance free, however, you can greatly reduce the time you’ll spend in the garden as well as improve the look and feel of the plants when you select the appropriate trees and shrubs as well as perennials for long lasting color and repeat performance year after year.

Falls uses only quality plant materials from licensed growers and dealers and we guaranty our plant material in writing.

landscaping2Quality Landscaping Starts with a Quality Plan.


If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. A simple saying and yet it happens daily in the world of landscaping. Both do it yourselfers as well as those who contract with a professional service often fail to plan for the future of their landscape before they get their project started. This leads to another cliche.

An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure. Or let’s get more bang for your buck. In either case you will save yourself a lot of money, stress and plain frustration if you take the time to get a landscape design before you start installing the first tree in your landscape.

By developing a master plan of your property, you will ensure that the first phase of your landscaping ties in with the final phase and the result is a harmonious blend of all of your phases running seamlessly together in an orchestrated manor to provide you with an economical installation that completes the master plan when all phases are installed.

Falls Design team will provide you with their experience in the landscape industry bring out the best in your landscaping. We offer ideas and suggestions to spark creativeness with in you and together, we arrive at a pleasing landscape design for your home or business. We strive to look beyond the obvious and come up with innovative and creative solutions and ideas to enhance your landscaping and home.

Call today if you have any questions or to set up your design appointment.. Ask about our over the internet landscape design programs for Distant Designs.

Once you have your plans in place, its time to implement them. A landscape can be installed all at once or can be phased in over a period of months or even years depending on you own individual circumstance.

By having the plan prior to commencement, you will be sure to avoid reworking areas twice and set up each phase for the next to follow in succession. The end result will be the same as if you had completed the project all at one time.

Falls wants to make your house a home you will enjoy for years to come and we insure this by using only quality materials and workmanship. Our plantings are done at or above industry standards and are followed up with a deep-root fertilization for plant development and for a follow up to the initial installation to check on the status of the plant material. All plant material is guaranteed for two years after installation with proper care and attention.


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