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The Falls Group is the company to call for your excavating needs.  Whether you need a basement water proofed, block wall repair or replacement or a simple swale for drainage we can help you.

The Falls Group can assess the situation and make a determination of exactly what the correct course of action is and provide you with an itemized estimate for repairs.   Many of the older clay pipes can become clogged with tree roots making drainage impossible.  At this point replacement is the only option.
If pipes are partially obstructed or leaking we can do an under ground replacement in areas where excavation is expensive or impractical.

The Falls Group can provide services such as drainage * downspout replacement * driveway culvert replacement * Ditch clean out or ditch piping and filling, * gravel or concrete driveway installation or topping * retaining walls stone, wood or rock * erosion control *Dock Replacement * Revetments * Ponds & Lakes *foundations & Footers * French Drainage and More!

Following are photos of our excavating services:

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